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These are the procedures you can follow with your iPhone. Android systems are now used by everyone today. This is the most common operating system network which is being used and adopted. Thus it becomes very easy for us to hack a Wi-Fi password. There is not much security in an android phone and can be easily used in hacking and can also be hacked easily, in case you want to hack the Wi-Fi hotspot of a person sitting near you. In this part, we are going to discuss that how we can hack the Wi-Fi password on an android phone.

There are many applications present on the Google play store. The play store is the stack of every kind of app present today. Therefore you can easily hack the Wi-Fi password with android. It is completely different from the iPhone. There is a need for a root android device to hack a Wi-Fi network.

How to Crack an iPhone with mSpy

The basic definition of an android is that it is an open source operating system that offers a great environment for developers to make effective apps for the users of Android. The Wi-Fi hacking apps are the outcome of such an environment. Android is so open that you can create a hacking app of your own and put it on play store. There are some of the tester applications for the android devices.

How to Spy on an iPhone and prevent it

These testers are free of cost. These are also helpful to check the security of the Wi-Fi connection near you. Windows is the most used computer operating system. It is designed by Microsoft. All the types of computer and laptops are using windows operating system. For a computer system, it is very helpful to get a speedy in Wi-Fi connection thus you can get a reason to hack a Wi-Fi password of a Wi-Fi system. It is a little bit difficult to hack a Wi-Fi network on a windows computer.

This happens due to the lack of software availability, but still, there are some of the tools available for this process. Mac is another operating system for the computer devices and laptops. This is also developed by Apple like iPhone. This software is specifically designed for the computers. It is very difficult to hack a Wi-Fi password with Mac laptop or computer.

The reason for this is that it is very highly secure system again. But as it is said, every question has its own solution.

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Also, what websites the children or spouse accessed when they accessed and even when they logged off. So, below are the things you can look at the wireless router as a free internet history tracker. One good example is a Netgear router. The log tab provides you with the IP address of the phone, computer or other types of device that accessed the Internet through that router. Some of the routers will even provide you logs of the web address as well as the IP of that internet site. Your router might also show you time when the connection over a specific website was successful. This part is great if you choose to block sites for your children or maybe employees to visit them.

To find this out, you only need to go and access cmd Command Prompt window in the Windows Search. This technic shows you the computer IP address that is in your home. Finish by using the process of elimination to find that computer. Maybe you are not so focused on what websites your family members are visiting.


But perhaps, as like me sometimes, you are more on keeping the bandwidth below the monthly limit. You can do this on most of the routers, in this way you can monitor the traffic in exchange for the websites. In this way, you can see how much data has been going thru your internet connection. More precisely on the WAN section. You are not at home always, to look over your router. To see what your kid or spouse has visited, or maybe what your employees were doing while you were on vacation.

For this, there is an option that routers now have. They can send you to email notifications reports. You can set a specific traffic which you want to receive. Also, the router can notify you regarding a significant event which is triggering on your network. For example, the moment a person tries to access a website you blocked or asked everyone not to open that. Moving on, some router companies have made apps you can use to see the websites accessed by the devices in your network. Besides this, they also have parental control and other types of advanced settings for the router.

All in all, no matter if you are using a Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, Asus or any other router you just need to poke around the settings in admin portal of your router to achieve the same outcome. So there you have it! Using built-in security features of your router, you can monitor all of the network traffic that goes in or comes out of your home — pretty easily.

And of course, this is not going to cost you money either. But it has some limitations, is not a comprehensive way to spy on internet activities of your children, spouse or anyone you want. The main limitation is that they can get around it unblock the sites you blocked etc.

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Again, I believe everybody needs to have a bit of knowledge about stalking someone. If you have an interest in what is your spouse doing online or the children, above provided methods will serve you nicely to spy on the internet of them. Google is a potent tool if you know how to use it correctly.

Go to google and start typing things you know about the person. As you can check for high school, college, university, employer, hometown, name, current city and many other.

6 Ways to Hack someone’s Wifi on iPhone with or without Jailbreak

So if you know one of the things from these then you can narrow the search and go to browse thru the photos that come as a result. It also is possible that they might be hiding under another name or maybe a fake name, in such case you might want to use a people search engine like Pipl. In case you can find the username, personal email address or maybe the YouTube account — you hit a huge win. Most of the time people are bad at mixing up their passwords as well as usernames. The likely used that username for tons of times. Same thing you can do on other social media networks and blogs for old comments or maybe posts.

In these last words, I would just want to point the methods I told you today. Knowing how to track internet history on a cell phone is not easy, or other types of devices — it needs you to be all there. As an example, the first option I covered is the mSpy app. This app can help you track all the internet activities on iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows — and comes with many other features, not just internet spying. It also has a control panel, where you can look at the information logs no matter wherever you are. Besides, it is straightforward to use and a comprehensive solution when it comes to spying on the internet of others — compared to the other method.

The wireless router is another method which I believe is more for the people that have home technical skills and are on a budget. It is a free option. Still, I went for the mSpy method. Lastly, if you have used any of the above-provided methods or have any suggestions regarding the internet spy topic, feel free to speak your mind by leaving a comment. Have a successful spying!

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