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Generally, you visit the service's website, choose the show and date you want, and you get on a wait list. You don't get a ticket right away, like you might for a concert. Once it becomes clear how many seats will be available—usually, within the week—you'll be contacted. For 1iota, then you can either print your confirmed ticket or load it onto your phone to show. Rule Two: Arrive early.

1. Incessant Battery Problems

These services habitually overbook shows, and studio execs habitually snap up seats at the last minutes for their friends, which screws with availability. For my taping, pop star Adam Lambert was seated in reserved seats in front of me. Sometimes, even confirmed guests won't be guaranteed seating, but if you get there long before your call time, you increase your chances. Rule Three: Don't expect to be treated like royalty.

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Although our audience handlers were unfailingly polite and cheerful and concerned for our comfort, the production that hires them saw us as a commodity. We were there as a tool, to extract and record reactions from us on cue. That starts with a lack of pre-show lounges.

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Not so glamorous, although the Universal Studios tram tour would pass us every so often at the tourists would squint at us to see if we were famous. You probably won't get to meet the cast—they're concentrating on memorizing lines and performing, and there's dozens of crew members between you and them. You also might end up giving the production six or seven hours of your life, from check-in to dismissal, but not receive so much as a key chain or a tee-shirt for your participation.

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The working assumption is that just being in the room is your reward, and usually, it is. Some productions may award a few small giveaways, but most of the time, they're given to the few audience members most willing to holler and whoop the loudest—outgoing types do the best.

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They were much appreciated, but we didn't get them because we were great people—the goal was to keep our laughing energy up. Sound stages are minimalist things. Most of them weren't even built with dressing rooms for actors, so forget having convenient bathrooms.

At our taping, the 1iota ushers had to ferry us to a mobile restroom trailer set up by the Universal backlot. So if you have trouble holding it for long, a sitcom taping may not be for you. If you have a general ticket you must arrive a minimum of 2 hours before the time told to you on your ticket.

Step 1: First: Materials

Upon arriving a number will be written on top of your ticket. This lets you know where you are in the order of the line. This is extremely important, because as the Studio Pages are told about available seats the actors have chosen not to use, you will be let in by the order of those numbers.

If you have a really high number, be prepared for the high possibility that you will not make it inside.

People called me paranoid for taping over my phone camera. Then this happened.

We had priority tickets and these numbers mean we were the th, th, and th people in the priority line. If you are going with a few friends, once you have checked in, it is fine for one or two of you to stay and hold your spot, while the others walk around. This brings me to the point of what you are allowed to bring inside for the taping. The answer is basically … nothing!

You may bring your purse and wallet, but your cell phones and cameras will be taken from you upon going through a mini airport security screening device. You will probably also have to sign a confidentiality waiver and audience member agreement form. During the actual taping of the show you can expect to have a great time!

The Voice Logistics : 1iota Productions, LLC

Once, we even had to practice our gasps, shocked expressions, loud applause, soft applause, cheering screams, ooos and ahhs. Sometimes, after filming a scene, there will be a short break while the writers re-work some lines on the spot, based on how the audience reacted.

The actors then have to quickly memorize the new material. Many times the actors, or hosts will interact with the audience on breaks, and these are the real gems of the day!

Step 2: Next Step: Measure

Get started. UX Planet. People called me paranoid for taping over my phone camera. Then this happened. Help me get followers!

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